Brandon Workentin: EDTECH Learning Log

Using Technology to Improve Education


Here are links to a collection of resources that I have found helpful in my EDTECH courses.

Technology Use Maturity Benchmarks, from the Technology Use Plan Primer by Peter H.L. Sibley and Chip Kimball.

Bloom’s Taxonomy, an article by Mary Forehand of the University of Georgia about the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.

WebQuest Design Patterns, templates of WebQuests compiled by, from San Diego State University.

WebQuest Design Process, also from

RubiStar, a free rubric generator provided by

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Rubrics.

The Jigsaw Classroom, provided by Eliot Aronson, about how to incorporate group work into a classroom using the jigsaw technique.

Dynamic Drive, which provides free css templates, navigation buttons, and more that you can use in website design.

AECT Standards, which detail the skills necessary to be literate in the educational technology field.

Zotero, a free tool to collect, analyze, cite and share research sources.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), information on referencing and citing sources., free DOI lookup for scholarly articles.

New Media Consortium, releases the Horizon Tech Trends report each year.

Scribd, calls itself the world’s largest online library. It allows you to easily embed documents into webpages or blogs.

National Education Technology Plan 2010, produced by the U.S. Department of Education, has five goals for our national technology plan. They are in the areas of learning, assessment, teaching, infrastructure, and productivity.

Guidebook for Developing an Effective Instructional Technology Plan, provided by Mississippi State University. It provides a blueprint for how to write a technology use plan.

National Center for Technology Planning, provides many free resources including links to articles about technology use planning.

Technology Maturity Survey, an Excel spreadsheet that can be used in conjunction with the Technology Use Maturity Benchmarks.


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